V6Z  -  Sponsors

V6Z 2016 is being funded by Keith and Chris personally, without any sponsorship from DX Clubs, etc.

However we would welcome any small personal donations you would like to make - these are much appreciated.

Please click on the 'Support V6Z' button on the Menu - please let us know your name and callsign so that we can add it to this webpage.


5th November 2016 - Thanks to the following amateurs for sponsoring V6Z 2016 :

Clif K1CP Kenny MM0GKB Daniel NG0T
Chris VK2BYI Fred W0PE Paul G4AFU
Steve GM4OSS George G4PTJ Agus YB2TX
Wayne N7NG Kip W6SZN Dick W7BC
John G3PQA Ed W0YK Trent N4DTF
Romas OK8DD Tom 9A4T

Thanks to the following for the loan of equipment and coax cable, etc :   GMDX Group (Rob GM3YTS), Colin GM0RLZ, Gavin GM0GAV, Clive GM3POI