V6Z  -  Software

V6Z will use the excellent  Win-Test 4.22.0  logging software in DXpedition mode - with 3 networked PCs for extra logging security. 


Real-time logging - Pete G4CLA has written special software to allow real-time logging via ClubLog and an interactive Google map - this will only be used if the Wifi signal is strong enough. We are taking a Wifi range extender and 50m of Ethernet cable to position it in a better location than last year.  We are hopeful about being able to use real-time logging, as well as doing daily LoTW and ClubLog uploads directly from the shack PCs, but it may have to be every couple of days from near to the Wifi router.

On RTTY, we will use N1MM+ with G3YYD's 2Tone and/or FLdigi.

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