V6Z  -  Photos

14th September 2016 - below are photos from our V6Z 2015 DXpedition.  Photos from 2016 will be uploaded here during the DXpedition if possible.

 Click here to view a 40s video of the Typhoon which struck on 29th March.




 On our way to Aberdeen airport





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 Keith with our 125kg of baggage - at Incheon airport, Seoul, South Korea





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 Arriving in Chuuk




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  The potholed main road to the Blue Lagoon Resort





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  Sunrise at the Blue Lagoon Resort





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  The small peninsula (at the S end of the island) where we installed all our antennas




DSCN1736.JPG (2310238 bytes)   


  Keith GM4YXI (L) and Chris GM3WOJ (R)





DSCN1647.JPG (2238440 bytes)  


  V6Z station #1





DSCN1651.JPG (2283969 bytes)   



  V6Z station #2




P1090620.JPG (2242486 bytes)  



  V6Z 2015 bandpass filters




DSCN1698.JPG (2307472 bytes)   


  Chris operating V6Z 2015





P1090575.JPG (3236455 bytes)  


  Keith operating V6Z 2015






P1090633.JPG (4055114 bytes) 

 Our alternative to a (completely un-necessary in most situations) Microham !

 A Belkin 4-port USB hub, with 3 USB to RS232 converters, with simple homebrew interfaces for     (L to R) CAT, CW, PTT





Antenna photos :

DSCN1778.JPG (2230092 bytes)  


 17m Moxon (L) and 10m Moxon (R) at sunset






P1090530.JPG (3713675 bytes)


  Resort employee E-M ready to climb a palm tree to install a pulley and halyard for our 160m / 80m antenna





P1090532.JPG (3285131 bytes)


 E-M climbs slowly and carefully





P1090543a.jpg (869896 bytes)




  E-M near the top of the palm tree, which was swaying about quite a lot.







P1090563.JPG (2078171 bytes)    



  AA-30 SWR plot of the 160m antenna