V6Z  -  Antennas 

Antennas are the key to success on any DXpedition - especially when you are 12946 km from London and 12883 km from NYC.

We are both a bit old-fashioned (some might say obsessive) when it comes to antennas. For best results, all V6Z antennas will be resonant antennas  - no efficiency-reducing ATUs, traps, coils or linear loading devices will be used.  Last year we found that a simple quarter-wave vertical with a single elevated radial, when positioned over the sea water, seemed to perform as well as a 2-element vertical Moxon positioned on the edge of the water (on the West side of the peninsula there is no sand, just a 1m approx drop onto rocky shoreline)

Having all monoband resonant antennas leads to somewhat difficult choices - antennas have to be : fed directly with 50 ohm coax, to have <1.2:1 SWR i.e. >21dB return loss (ideally at both the CW and SSB ends of the band), be lightweight, ideally have some gain/directivity, be easily installed.

The weight of coax cable is also an important consideration - for example 30m of Aircell7 with plugs fitted weighs 2.44kg. V6Z 2016 will have about 500m of coax - Aircell7, Aircell5 and RG58u. We are taking only one fibreglass pole this time, because we know that there are palm trees at the water's edge which are ideal for supporting our antennas.  Physically separating the antennas as much as possible, in combination with our W3NQN bandpass filters, should allow simultaneous operation on most combinations of bands.

The V6Z 2016 antenna line-up is shown below - at any given time we hope to have most of these antennas available to use immediately for band changes - we are again taking a 6-way remote coax switch      (see photo below) 

   Band Antenna
  Receive antenna       FO0AAA loop (+ ICE preamp for 160m+80m)
   160m Inverted-L with single (or 2)elevated radial(s)
   80m        Top-loaded vertical with 2 elevated radials
  40m       Quarter-wave vertical with 2 elevated radials
   40m / 30m Dual band quarter wave vertical with 1 elevated radial per band
  30m Half-square
   20m Vertical 2-element Yagi + secret long-path antenna 'X'
   20m / 12m Dual band quarter wave vertical with 1 elevated radial per band
   17m Quarter-wave vertical with single elevated radial +
Vertical 2-element Yagi
   15m 2 x Vertical 2-element Yagis
  12m Vertical 2-element Yagi
  10m 2 x Vertical 2-element Yagis